July 2018 – June 2019 Aggregate Report!

Download the report!

The second aggregate report for the field from COVES is here! Here is the aggregate report of all of the data gathered by 21 museums in the past year, free to the field. This report is the second of its kind, and one we hope will spur conversations in your institution about who our visitors are, why they come, and what they thought about their experiences and time with us.

We hope this report is interesting, informative, and thought and discussion-provoking for you and your teams, whether you are actively a part of COVES or not.

COVES is a young initiative within the museum, zoo, and park & garden field. These annual aggregate reports and subsequent conversations will only become stronger and more informative as more museums join COVES. Now at 30 institutions, the aggregate, comparative data will be even more interesting next fall! Have questions? Want to join or learn more than what you can find on our website? Send us a message – we love to talk about data and about COVES!

Statistically yours,