Sharing the COVES Instrument

Filling out a surveyCOVES participating museums and COVES staff value being completely transparent in how we came to create the system we have and what it consists of. As our name suggests, we also deeply value collaboration within the system and across the museum field. With these two fundamental values in mind, we are happy to provide the museum field, and any researchers and evaluators interested in building off of our work, COVES’ core instrument questions. In the attached document, you will find both the question items and answer options we use for all US-based museums as well as a description of the purpose for including each question in the core survey. This document, framed around visitors to United States science and children’s museums that read English, shares a bit of background for each question – if you’d like more information about the Questions and Measures team’s discussions, pilot testing, and Leadership Advisory Council decision-making process, feel free to reach out to us! If you like anything you see, we’d be flattered if you would replicate any and all COVES questions for your own use. When you’re ready to join the discussions and begin directly comparing your institution with others, we’ll be here, ready to greet, onboard, and support your data exploration and future data-driven decisions!